When they came for immigrants, we wrote resistance on the walls.

A Public Poster Exhibit

Sanctuary Streets offers a public poster exhibit to build strong communities. You can host the 12 posters in any public space, whether it's a school, museum, library, faith institution or other community center. The only requirement? The posters face the street.


Artist: Design Action Collective
Artist: Jess X. Snow
Artist: Design Action Collective
Artist: Micah Bazant
Artist: Design Action Collective
Artist: Kate DeCiccio
Artist: Jesus Barraza
Artist: Micah Bazant
Artist: Jess X. Snow
Artist: Jules Cowan
Artist: Jessica Sabogal

As Civic Art

Our community is only as strong as the values we publicly defend. Art and cultural organizing have always been powerful ways to practice this solidarity, but they need to be public. So here's how to use the Sanctuary Streets poster exhibit as civic art:


Choose the space. If you don't have access to a public space, ask your local library, school, museum, or faith institution.


Submit your request to host the Sanctuary Streets exhibit. We'll work with you to finalize printing and shipping.


Install the posters to face the streets! Build strong communities that support our neighbors facing violence.

Get all the Sanctuary Streets posters emailed to you: